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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ChoiceDek®?

ChoiceDek® is a decking product manufactured by A.E.R.T. that does not require painting or staining. ChoiceDek® is made from 95% recycled materials and can be installed with ground contact or in water.

Where are ChoiceDek® products manufactured?

ChoiceDek products are all made in the USA. They are manufactured by Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies (AERT) in Springdale, AR.

Where can I see or purchase ChoiceDek®?

ChoiceDek is exclusively available at Lowe's Home Center. Visit to view our deck gallery.

What sizes does ChoiceDek® come in?

The wide range of ChoiceDek decking and railing products give you the flexibility to create a truly distinctive custom deck. Boards come in 8' (only available in Beach House Gray), 12', 16' and 20' standard lengths.

How is ChoiceDek® rated?

ChoiceDek® has a Class C fire rating, similar to wood. Residential decking has a uniform live load of 150 psf when spanned on 16-inch centers. Please see ICC Building Code Requirements.


Does ChoiceDek® contain any preservative treatments?

No. ChoiceDek® is virtually impervious to moisture and does not require pressure treatment, preservative treatments, water sealing or staining.

How does ChoiceDek® stand up against termites?

ChoiceDek® has been extensively tested for termite resistance. In fact, ChoiceDek® was even buried in Formosan Termite Mounds in Hawaii for over nine months and successfully withstood a continuous hostile termite exposure.

Will ChoiceDek® rot or decay like wood?

No. ChoiceDek® has been extensively tested under hostile accelerated aging conditions by outside laboratories. It is warranted to resist rot and fungal decay when properly installed and maintained. See A.E.R.T.’s warranty for details.

Will ChoiceDek® decking fade?

Our colors are designed to weather to more natural shades within the first six months.

Can ChoiceDek be painted and stained? If so, what type of paint is recommended?

The manufacturer does not recommend painting or staining ChoiceDek decking and railing. As with any outdoor surface, periodic cleaning is required. However, if you choose to paint or stain, please follow these recommendations:

Handrail can be painted or stained using two different methods:

  1. Allow the handrail to weather 2-3 months in direct sun. If painting, apply an oil-based primer following the weather process. Paint using high quality acrylic latex paint. If staining, primer is not needed. Stain using a high quality oil-based stain.
  2. If weathering the product is not an option, use a shellac-based primer and an acrylic latex paint.

Decking can be painted or stained only if allowed to weather. Use method "a" above.

Is ChoiceDek® stain proof?

ChoiceDek® is stain resistant. Most stains commonly encountered such as mustard and ketchup will wash away easily. More stubborn stains can be washed off with the proper cleaner. Please call Customer Service at 800-951-5117 regarding stain cleaning.

Is polyethylene plastic toxic and does it give off toxic fumes when burned?

No. Polyethylene is non-toxic and is used for applications such as milk jugs, water jugs and grocery sacks. When burned completely, it will convert to carbon dioxide and water vapor.

How sturdy is the material?

ChoiceDek® can be installed residentially and commercially. Some commercial examples include the initial commercial boardwalk that was installed in 1992 at the South Padre Convention Center at South Padre Island, TX. Other notable installations include the Cape Cod National Seashore, MA; Fire Island National Park, NY; the Morrison Knudsen Nature Center in Boise, ID; and Knots Berry Farm in CA.

Installation & Design

What type of fasteners are recommended?

To minimize the chance of metal corrosion stains, always install ChoiceDek® with stainless steel trim head screws. Regular steel fasteners or electroplated deck screws or fasteners are not recommended, as they can leave ugly rust stains on any deck.

ChoiceDek® can be installed using a hidden fastening system like the Mantis model 396 (Order from Pan American Screw 800-951-2222). If a hidden fastening system is not used, the manufacturer recommends 2-1/4” #7 stainless steel trim-head screws.

What type of tools are required?

ChoiceDek® can be easily installed with standard woodworking tools, including hammer, skill saw, rasp, level, and square. Standard carbide saw blades with less than 20 teeth are recommended. Please use blue chalk since other colored chalk may temporarily stain the deck.

Are installation guidelines or videos available?

Yes. View the ChoiceDek® installation brochure. Additional details can also be obtained by contacting Customer Service at 800-951-5117.


What is the warranty on ChoiceDek®?

ChoiceDek® is manufactured by Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies. A.E.R.T. has a limited lifetime warranty on its engineered components against rot or fungal rot, termites or insect damage, when installed following the Installation Guide for ChoiceDek® Decking and Railing and in compliance with applicable building codes and good construction practices. Visit the warranty section for more details


How do I clean ChoiceDek®?

Simply perform periodic cleaning with soap, hot water and a soft bristle brush. The best time to clean is after installation and semi-annually (spring and fall) to remove any debris. Additional cleaning tips can be found at

For any other questions please contact Customer Service at 800-951-5117;