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ChoiceDek vs. Competition

Not sure which decking product is right for your backyard?

Everyone loves the natural look of wood but hates the upkeep of painting, staining and sealing it. PVC decking offers a low maintenance alternative with high resistance to fade and stain but may sometimes look synthetic with a uniform or repeating pattern. Capped composites, however, still have a smooth, plastic surface and may require sealing on the ends when cut. ChoiceDek is a non-capped composite that installs as easily as wood while mimicking a natural wood-grain, but will not rot, warp or splinter. It is also the only composite decking tough enough to be installed anywhere, even underwater.

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Decking Product Comparison Chart

Water Application
Slip Resistance
*Coefficient of Friction. Higher number represents better slip resistance.
Scratch Resistance
ChoiceDek® Treated Wood PVC Capped Composite
Limited Lifetime 10-15 Years Lifetime 25 Years - Lifetime
95% recycled Content; No harmful chemicals Can be recycled; May contain harmful preservatives Artificial, chemical product Most brands <75% Recycled Content; May contain chemicals in cap
Can be installed with water contact Not recommended for constant contact with water Can be installed with water contact Can be installed near water, with little contact
Resists rot, warping, splintering and termite damage Susceptible to rot, splintering, warping and termite damage Resists rot, warping, splintering and termite damage Resists rot, warping, splintering and termite damage
$$ $ $$$$ $$$
2-4 hours cleaning per year 16-32 hours cleaning, painting and staining per year 1-2 hours cleaning per year 2-4 hours cleaning per year
Natural-looking wood-grain embossing Traditional timber appearance Uniform, synthetic appearance Smooth, plastic surface with embossing
0.59 dry/0.92 wet 0.25-0.50 dry/0.2 wet 0.48 dry/0.75 wet 0.58 dry/0.56 wet
Semi-porous, can scratch but will naturally weather out Porous surface will scratch easily Non-porous, highly resistant to scratch Non-porous surface, highly resistant to scratch
Can be ripped, routed and bent to fit any space Can be ripped and routed, but difficult to bend Cannot be ripped or routed, requires special tools to bend Cannot be ripped or routed, requires special tools to bend

*Data for treated wood, PVC and capped composites was acquired from various sources. This chart is intended to summarize the characteristics of each individual decking category and does not reflect one particular brand.

ChoiceDek decking products are superior, environmentally friendly composite decking built for value, durability and ease. Able to be installed on the ground, in the ground or underwater, ChoiceDek products can be used to create the distinctive, custom deck of your dreams. When stacked up against other decking materials and composite decking brands, ChoiceDek comes out on top in almost every category. Choose wisely. Choose ChoiceDek.