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Outdoor Style: 7 Creative Uses for Composite Decking

Composite decking has the word “deck” in it, so it must be limited to deck applications, right? Not necessarily. Moisture-resistant and easy-to-use products like ChoiceDek composite decking can be used in virtually any nonstructural application, including those with direct ground or water contact, making them suitable for a variety of outdoor projects.

The high-performance boards are more durable than wood, but can still be ripped and routed, as well as bent. They are available in a variety of colors and wood-like textures. And, without the finishing requirements of sealing, staining or painting, they make brag-worthy, do-it-yourself projects a cinch.

So, get creative. With a bit of inspiration, you can use leftover materials or purchase a few new composite deck boards to liven up your backyard in just a few weekends.

  1. Build a planter box

    Use extra composite deck boards to build extremely durable planter boxes that won’t rot when they get wet, like wood will. Toxin-free composite decking is a good partner for flowers, edibles and seasonal décor.
  2. Add stylish storage

    Built-in seating is a convenient and attractive way to let guests relax and enjoy your outdoor oasis. And, if the composite decking is moisture-resistant and can double as a place to safely stow outdoor cushions, pool covers, toys and garden tools from the rain, it’s a multi-functional must-do for your outdoor living area.
  3. Take a seat

    Increase your welcome with benches, chairs and outdoor furniture. Look for products like ChoiceDek composite decking that are easy to work with and flexible enough to bend to fit curves. Their workability will allow you to create sweeping built-in benches or one-of-a-kind chairs with a custom fit.
  4. Create pretty pathways

    Keep dirty feet off well-groomed gardens or connect outdoor spaces with a durable composite deck pathway. You can even use pieces of leftover decking to make small foot steps that bridge spaces.
  5. Deck out your yard

    Landscape around your deck with complementary on-the-ground composite decking borders and trim. Moisture-resistant composite decking that is in constant contact with wet soil will look good for many years.
  6. DIY a doghouse

    If you’re a DIYer with a dog, throw him a bone and make a great doghouse that blends in with your new deck. There are many free DIY doghouse plans available online. ChoiceDek composite decking is an attractive and safe material choice for pets with its splinter- and toxin-free surface.
  7. Bring back the birds

    Don’t have a dog? Consider building a birdhouse, instead. A few extra pieces of composite decking, basic tools and an online plan are all you’ll need to make a home for the friendly fliers in your backyard.

To find more creative outdoor project ideas using composite decking, visit ChoiceDek’s Pinterest page.

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