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7 Composite Decking Design Ideas to Copy

Dreaming of a new composite deck to lounge on come summer, but not sure what you want your backyard oasis to look like? We’ve got you covered. Here are 7 composite deck design ideas with eye-catching style and creativity worth stealing. Copy them to give your outdoor living space an edge, or use these deck designs as a starting point to get your creativity flowing.

1. Tiny-but-mighty deck

Decks don’t have to be expansive to look like they were designed by Matt Blashaw of DIY Network’s Yard Crashers. A small composite deck that captures the beauty of wood, provides smooth deck-to-ground transitions, room for seating and a few well-placed plants can add big-time style to your yard.

2. Slope-taming deck

If you live on a steep lot or have a narrow backyard, use a multi-level composite deck to tame hard-to-use spaces. The layers these tiered decks create will also add texture and movement to your outdoor living area. Just be sure to keep transitions in mind. Decks positioned near frequently used openings with easily accessible stairs make it simple to travel from one area to the other.

3. Curved deck

Your deck design doesn’t have to be a basic square at the back of your house. If you’re looking to add some visual interest and break up the rectilinear shape of your home, incorporate curves into your deck. You can easily rip, route and bend composite deck boards per manufacturer instructions, which gives you a lot of design flexibility. Whether you create a deck that follows the shape of curved flower beds, or uses a curved seating area as a focal point, you can be sure your neighbors will be commenting on its style. 

4. Two-toned deck

If you’re looking for ways to add dimension and personality to your outdoor living space, a two-toned composite deck may be the answer. You can choose from an increasingly wide array of composite decking color combinations, from light greys to rich browns. Look for ways to contrast these colors to define steps, seating and entertaining areas, or to simply create interest underfoot. The secret is to tie-in the colors you use with your home’s architectural scheme.

5. Wrap-around deck / porch

Use a wrap-around deck / porch to expand your home’s livable area while creating a cozy curl-up space to watch the sunset or talk with friends late into the night. Make sure you don’t limit yourself to the front porch. Decks can wrap around the corner of your house and even around to the backyard. However you choose to wrap your deck, composite deck boards will help make this heavily trafficked space comfortable for years to come by preventing splinters and cracks.

6. Destination deck

Composite decks don’t have to be attached to your house to be a wow-worthy deck design. You can install a detached floating deck of any size and shape in your yard to create a stunning outdoor destination with lasting style. Nestle your deck near trees or a water feature to create a perfectly restful retreat. Or, design it with entertaining in mind, integrating lights, a vertical garden, a barbecue and furniture. The options are nearly endless.