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2015 Outdoor Living Trends: 5 Ways to Get On Deck

Have you been toying with the idea of adding a new deck in 2015? If so, the winter months are a great time to start planning your new kick-back space. By spring, you’ll want to have a good idea of what the deck will look like and to know which design elements will best support your outdoor lifestyle.

If you aren’t sure how to begin this process, start by looking at what’s hot in outdoor living. Emerging trends can help you make a purchasing decision and improve your deck setup. So, cozy up inside and start preparing for summer. As you do, keep in mind some of the following ways composite decking can help you create an outdoor living space that’s in style and on trend.

  1. Extend entertaining spaces

    Since one of the best ways to savor warm weather is to unwind in the backyard with friends and family, more decks are serving as an extension of the home. Composite decking makes enhancing your indoor-outdoor entertainment space a breeze. You can use its adaptable, yet durable form to create level changes, built-in seating and handrails that clearly define areas for eating, relaxing and socializing. Extend entertaining spaces
  2. Bring color on deck

    Decks have predominately been one color due to the time associated with painting, sealing or staining wood. Now that products like composite decking are readily available in realistic, wood-embossed grain patterns and multiple colors, look for more color on deck. An easy way to incorporate this trend into your deck design is to mix and match composite deck boards, insert feature strips, or use complementary colored boards to frame your deck. The options are nearly endless. Bring color on deck
  3. Design outside the box

    Using contemporary materials like composite decking that are easier to shape than traditional wood decking allows homeowners to move away from boxy, boring decks. From circles and curves to customized patterns, deck builders and DIYers can personalize composite decks into one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces that will stand apart from your neighbors’ decks. Design outside the box
  4. Make it modern

    Decks with a cleaner, more modern look will remain popular in 2015. Consider composite decking with complementary colored handrails, chic amenities like tempered glass plates in place of traditional balusters, and lights exclusively designed for decks to extend your evenings in style. Make it modern
  5. Landscape your deck-escape

    A popular way to ramp-up outdoor style is to incorporate built-in planter boxes and complementary in-the-ground landscape borders. Whether you choose to fill planter boxes with flowers, seasonal décor or edibles, punches of color can brighten your deck and make it more inviting. And, moisture-resistant composite decking can keep boards that are in constant contact with wet soil looking good all year. Landscape your deck-escape

Still not sure how to use composite decking to update your patio, deck or backyard with what’s new in outdoor design? Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas.

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