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8 Deck Do's For Your Backyard Upgrade

Don’t let a drab, dated or decaying deck stifle your dreams of open-air retreat in your own backyard. All you need to transform your outdoor living space into a backyard getaway is a little inspiration. Get started with these 8 creative deck do’s.

  1. Bring the indoors out – there aren’t many places more relaxing than a cozy outdoor living space. Use lighting, color, texture and the separation of spaces to finish your deck the same way you would the interior of your home. It’ll be your favorite “room” in the house in no time. 8 Deck Do’s for your Backyard Upgrade
  2. Add a pretty pergola – if you live in a warm climate, consider blocking the sun with a practical yet beautiful pergola. You can customize this unique structure to fit the style of your deck, and use it to define your outdoor living space without restricting views. 8 Deck Do’s for your Backyard Upgrade
  3. Screen your deck in style – To deck out your shade structure, weave breezy fabric overhead or drape sheer panels around a lighting fixture or pergola. This low-cost solution is a great way to provide relief from direct sunlight while transforming your deck into a restful spa-like retreat.
  4. Throw a curve – you can also incorporate deck elements of different shapes and sizes into your backyard living space to ramp up its style. Use soft curves to contrast the traditional rectangular shape of a platform deck, enclose a hot tub or accent a landscape. 8 Deck Do’s for your Backyard Upgrade
  5. Create a garden retreat – Go one step further and use today’s versatile decking products to turn your deck into an extension of your garden. Materials like ChoiceDek composite decking allow you to rip, route and bend your way around existing landscape features. With better workability than wood, these boards can be curved around trees or flower beds to seamlessly blend your deck into its natural surroundings. 8 Deck Do’s for your Backyard Upgrade
  6. Add beautiful water features – For a more soothing outdoor experience, add a peaceful water feature or fountain on or near your deck. It will help block out unwanted noise and bring serenity to your open-air retreat. 8 Deck Do’s for your Backyard Upgrade
  7. Customize your getaway with railings – With your deck designs in place, add a touch of individuality with railings. Whether you prefer the clean lines of aluminum railing or a more traditional matched look, there are a number of products you can use to spruce up your getaway. Look for railing options that are sold in kits to make installation easier.
  8. Cast a magical evening glow – finally, make sure your deck-escape is as charming in the nighttime as it is during the day. From simple post lights to strip lights hidden under a handrail, you can light up the deck of your dreams in style.
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