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Remember the Deck Railing

Adding railings around the edges of your deck is often vital to making sure your loved ones are safe and secure while enjoying the great outdoors. But, gone are the days when their only benefits were safety and code compliance. With these tips, you’ll be able to view your deck railing as the frame to your outdoor living canvas.


Get creative with style

When choosing the right railing for your deck, getting creative with style can do wonders for bringing out the character of your home. Live in a rustic, cabin-style home? Hewn timber posts and railings can help bring its woodsy warmth to your outdoor living space. For those who live in a more contemporary or modern home, you can extend its linear aesthetic to your deck with the clean lines and sleek look of cable railings.

Go for transparency

Adding railing to your deck does not mean compromising your stunning view. Slender cable railings can be installed vertically or horizontally and are the perfect way to preserve a view or open up a deck. They can also give your outdoor living space a fresh, modern bent. Or, if you want to take a completely transparent approach, consider tempered glass panels. They can add sophistication to your deck while keeping your view fully intact.

Enclose a private getaway

If you don’t have a view you are trying to preserve, you can use deck railing as a privacy screen for you and your guests. It’s no secret that as more new homes go up, yards are becoming smaller. While you may love your neighbors, it can be nice to enjoy time to yourself in your own backyard without feeling like everyone is watching you. A simple solution is selecting thicker posts with more tightly spaced balusters for your railing. And if that isn’t enough, adding matching deck boards between the balusters can close the open spaces between the posts and be just the trick to create a private retreat.

Add a splash of color

By selecting railing in a different color than your decking, the railing can easily become the perfect accent piece to your outdoor living space. If you have chosen a lighter color for your deck, going with contrasting rich, exotic hues or black aluminum railing can create an exciting place for you and your quests to enjoy. Just as colored accent walls give personality to interior rooms, colored deck railing can bring your outdoor space to life.

Create a seamless design

While adding a variety of colors to your deck design can help create a distinct look, a more consistent blend between deck and railing is the right solution for some outdoor spaces. A quick and easy option for building railing to match your deck is our ChoiceDek Foundations™ speed rail kit. The kit is available in Beach House Grey, Coastal Redwood and Harvest Brown, which means it’s easy for you to create a seamless match between your ChoiceDek composite deck boards and railing.

Whether you want to break away from traditional deck design with a creative approach or go with subtle colors and options that blend in with your design, adding deck railing can now be the perfect final touch to tie your outdoor space together.

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