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Pool-friendly Decking Materials

Whether you are building a deck or installing a pool, it’s important to make sure your addition will last a lifetime. And if you are adding both to your backyard, your deck and pool should work together so you can focus on the most important thing: relaxing instead of upkeep. One of the secrets to success is choosing pool-friendly decking materials. Here are three reasons why this decision will help keep your poolside getaway at its peak.   

Stay worry-free of water damage

The last thing you want to worry about when you have guests over to enjoy your outdoor oasis on a hot day is whether your deck is going to be affected by water from the pool. When you choose a moisture-resistant composite decking product like ChoiceDek, you can lounge poolside with peace of mind since you are getting decking with performance that is proven to the core.

ChoiceDek fully encapsulates wood fibers in plastic to protect against moisture intrusion throughout the whole board. The decking doesn’t rely on a cap, which can be punctured, to keep water out. This means you can install the boards immediately adjacent to pools and hot tubs, where water frequently spills over, without compromising their moisture resistance. So, let the kids splash to their hearts’ content in the pool. Once your deck is installed, your only focus will be on enjoying your outdoor kingdom with the whole family.

Take any shape

Whether your pool has square edges or is curved in a unique shape, knowing your deck can be installed flush up against its surface allows for more creativity when designing your outdoor space. If you choose a high-performance composite decking product line without a shell, you’ll have a significant amount of flexibility. You can rip, route or bend the boards per manufacturer instructions with little risk of peeling, bubbling or delaminating. Don’t limit yourself. You can shape the boards to create a deck surround that fits swimmingly with your desired pool design.

No sealing or staining

Wood decks require a lot of maintenance, especially when they come in contact with rain or pool water. This means to keep your pool surround in top-notch shape, you’d need to re-seal and re-stain your wood deck every few years.

If you aren’t a fan of this type of maintenance—and, let’s face it, most people aren’t—look for a proven composite. The boards require only basic maintenance and cleaning with items like soap and water from time to time. Now those weekends you would have set aside to re-seal and re-stain the deck can be used to throw a backyard bash.

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