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What to do With Leftover Decking

By the time you’re sitting on your new composite deck soaking in the sun with a lemonade in hand, those extra pieces of decking stacked in the garage will be far from your mind. Like old food stashed in the back corner of the fridge, it’s easy to let them sit – or worse yet, throw them away – simply because you don’t know what to do with them. This doesn’t have to be the case. With some inspiration and know-how, you can give leftover composite decking a second life, bringing beauty and function to your backyard for little or no extra cost.

High-performance composite decking like ChoiceDek is moisture-resistant, durable, available with realistic wood-grain patterns and easy to use. These features make it an ideal candidate for a range of nonstructural applications, from birdhouses to planting tables and more. And, since there’s no need to sand, stain or paint the boards now or in the future, it’s a great fit for outdoor projects that need to withstand rain, snow or sun.

So, don’t let those decking cut-offs or extra boards go to waste. Try these creative ideas for repurposing leftover decking into durable and long-lasting outdoor amenities.

Add a stylish side yard path

If you have longer cut-offs or extra pieces of composite decking, make a fun little path for kids and guests to travel from the front of your house to the back. It can ramp up the style of the often overlooked side yard, and give your outdoor living space a more cohesive look. Just make sure your composite decking is moisture-resistant and suitable for constant contact with wet soil (ChoiceDek is ideal for this).

Make a home for friendly fliers

Bring the birds to your backyard with a few pieces of composite decking and basic tools. This easy weekend project requires only six to seven small boards, and is a great way to use up end pieces.

Create a pretty planting table

Every gardener needs somewhere to put planters, potting soil and tools. The toxin-free form of composite decking is a great choice for this functional accent. Its beautiful, smooth and durable surface makes a great workspace and won’t harm your flowers. As an added benefit, it won’t rot when it gets wet, like wood will.

Go with a vertical garden

Make a vertical garden as big or small as you please with leftover composite decking. From simple deck boards tied together with rope to floating outdoor plant walls, the options for using deck scraps to add greenery to outdoor spaces are nearly endless.

DIY a swing

Keep your kids active with a DIY-tree swing. One or two pieces of scrap composite decking, rope and basic tools are all you’ll need to create hours of outdoor fun. For the sake of safety, make sure you test the swing to ensure it can support the necessary weight, just as you would with wood.

Create a pool cover

Don’t have money left in the budget for an automatic pool cover? No problem. Upcycle extra deck boards into a pool cover. It can double as a bench, making smart use of your space. Moisture-resistant composite decking will ensure it can fend off splashes in style.

Frame a tree

Have a beautiful tree you’d like to spend more time under? Use a simple online plan and turn leftover composite deck boards into a bench that wraps around its trunk. Make the bench as simple or as ornate as you’d like, then sit back and enjoy a good book under a canopy of leaves.

Add a decorative boardwalk

Pep up your yard with a decorative boardwalk. You don’t need a lot of decking materials to make a big impact. Even a small walkway over a dry pond can add personality and function to your yard.

Tackle a treehouse

If you have enough leftover decking, get adventurous and build a treehouse. From simple perches to multi-story hideaways, there are options for DIYers of every skill level. Whichever style you choose, composite decking’s splinter-free form will keep the barefoot toes of your little explorers safe year-in and year-out.

Make a cornhole set

Take your lawn games to a new level by turning composite decking scraps into a cornhole set. The durable boards will hold up well to frequent use for perennial fun.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas.

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