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Before Building a Deck: Top 6 Questions to Ask

Are you thinking about adding a deck to your home this spring or summer? Deck expert Darren Thomas is back with us again to give us 6 simple steps to walk through when planning a DIY deck project, or when meeting with your deck contractor. Darren opened his construction business in 1997, and has specialized in deck installations as a Lowe's certified installer, for the past 10 years.

Read on, to know the 6 important questions you should be asking before you start building your deck.


Find Inspiration | What’s your backyard style?

"One trend that’s been popping up in the decking industry over the last few years has been variety in a deck’s design. Homeowners are no longer opting for a single color deck, and are mixing and matching colors for trim or railings.

What’s often helpful for a deck contractor is for the homeowners to come prepared with images off Pinterest, or cut from a magazine that they liked, so the builder is able to have a better idea of their style."

Design | What works with your home’s exterior?


"Is the deck going to be free standing or attached to the home? When building a deck, the structure of the deck should complement, not take away from your home’s design."

Visualize | What will it look like?

"Once you decide on a basic deck design, it’s important you make sure it’s realistic for the actual space of your yard. The best way to visualize what your deck will look like and how large it will be when completed, is to layout an outline of where the deck will go.

For this, I use string and flags to map out the deck area so the homeowner can see their idea in a very realistic way."

Usage | What are you planning to use the deck for?

"Decks are becoming a major part of the outdoor living movement. Deck builders are aiding homeowners in bringing the indoors outside with outdoor entertainment areas, built-in benches, and barbeques. Decks are now treated as an extension of the living room.

What you will use your deck for is an important factor, as it illuminates the details your deck design may be missing. For example, do you spend most of your evenings on your deck? You may consider installing deck lighting. Do you have young children? Look into installing a deck gate for their safety."


Cost | How much are you willing to spend?

"For many of my customers, choosing a decking product comes down to budget. Homeowners often think a lower price means cheaper or lower quality boards, and vice versa. However, companies like ChoiceDek composite decking offer similar quality as large name brands without the steep sticker price."

Choose | Which decking product works best for you?

"Homeowners should choose a product that will stand the test of time, without breaking the bank or changing their desired design. I build with composite decking because it is nearly maintenance free. The occasional scrub is all it needs to look new. Other decking products are available such as wood or PVC, but first check out a comparison of decking products here."

Resources to Get You Started

Need more information on products for your DIY deck project? Or would you like to do a bit more research on the decking material your deck builder recommends? Check out a few of these product comparisons:

By asking simple questions before you build your deck, you’ll be able to enjoy a customized outdoor space that fits your unique needs, style and budget.



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