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6 Reasons Why DIY Composite Decking is Easier Than You Think

When it comes to building a composite deck, many people believe their only option is to hire a professional deck builder. This is not true! While a DIY composite deck may initially seem intimidating, thanks to advances in composite decking products it is now easier than ever to build your own deck. Here are 6 reasons why DIY composite decking is easier to use than you might think.

#1 - Easy to Buy

You might believe you need to buy composite deck boards from a special dealer, or directly from the manufacturer. This is simply not the case. Composite decking has become widely available at many large home improvement stores. For example, ChoiceDek is conveniently available at any Lowe's home improvement store.

#2 - Easy to Follow Guidelines

Manufacturers often provide easy-to-understand installation instructions so you can ensure you don’t void the product warranty during construction. ChoiceDek’s DIY deck installation guide helps homeowners each step of the way through the deck building process.

#3 - No Special Tools Required

A great thing about building a DIY deck with composite deck boards is you can use all the same tools you normally would use for a wood deck. All you need is a hammer, screw gun, circular saw, level, tape measure, and blue chalk line.

#4 – Just like Wood, but Better

If you are used to working with wood, you already know how to work with most composites. You can rip, route, mill, drill, and bend most composite boards with ease. So for all practical purposes composites can be worked just like wood, but offer greater flexibility and durability.

#5 - Install it Anywhere

One of the best aspects of a DIY composite deck, is the fact that you can install it wherever you want, with virtually no restrictions from the product. Certain decking materials, like ChoiceDek, can be installed on the ground, in the ground, or even underwater. On top of that, ChoiceDek is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying your new deck.

#6 – Easy to Maintain

Once you have completed your DIY deck project the next step will be caring for and maintaining your new installation. Thankfully, composite decking requires minimal care and cleaning. All it takes is a simple periodic cleaning with soap, hot water and soft bristle brush. No painting, sealing, or staining required. Visit ChoiceDek's care and cleaning guide to see just how easy it is to maintain a composite deck.




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