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Top Advice for Homeowners Planning a New Deck

Each year around this time, many homeowners re-evaluate their spaces and make plans for the new year. Whether it’s new carpet, a kitchen re-model or a bathroom update, these home improvement plans often focus on the home’s interior rather than its exterior. This is not completely without reason, as winter is usually labeled temperamental at best. 

However, the long winter days holed up indoors are the perfect time to start planning for your outdoor space, including your deck. Why wait until you’re ready to use the deck to plan it? Getting a jump start on planning allows your deck to be built as soon as the warm weather hits, and get ahead of the demand for builders in the spring.

So, where do you begin?

First, consider your space. How large will your deck be? Do you want amenities like a built-in seating area or a fireplace? Or, should you keep it small to avoid crowding your garden? Whatever size you decide on, make sure your deck is easily accessible from your home and designed for its intended purpose (e.g., barbecue, outdoor breakfast nook, entertainment area, etc.).

In addition to size, your deck should reflect your home’s style. Choose deck tones that complement rather than distract from your home’s look, and add lighting to showcase your deck design.

For a step-by-step guide to planning and building your deck, check out ChoiceDek’s “DIY Deck Checklist” to be sure you cover all your bases. When choosing decking materials, be sure to find a brand that is known for its durability, like ChoiceDek which promises decking for a lifetime.

An additional resource is Lowe’s Deck Designer on (see example of tool below):”

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