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Trust Me, I’m a Professional – DIY vs. Hiring a Deck Builder

You’re finally ready to enjoy the outdoor living space of your home with a new deck. Are you ready to tackle the new addition as a DIY project, or should you leave it to a professional deck builder? We recently spoke with Darren Thomas, owner of TLC Construction Service, regarding the pros and cons of hiring a professional versus opting for a DIY deck project. Darren opened his construction business in 1997, and has specialized in deck installations as a Lowe's certified installer, for the past 10 years.

As a professional in the construction industry, Darren knows firsthand the benefits of installing a deck yourself versus hiring a deck contractor. Having installed many decks, specifically composite, over the last decade has given him insight into why and when a homeowner should opt for self-installation over contracting it out. Take a glimpse at a few benefits of DIY vs. hiring a deck builder below:

Pros to DIY:

If you or someone you know are considered handy with tools, and feel competent and able to self-install your deck, then there’s definitely a few benefits to taking on the challenge yourself.

  1. Savings – taking on a DIY deck project can save you the costs of hiring a professional, such as labor and overhead fees.
  2. Time – when you self-install your deck, you are on your own timeline. You can complete your deck as quickly or as slowly as you wish, without the hassle of communicating with others.
  3. Control – installing your deck yourself means you can have full control of the details of the design, from start to finish.

Pros to Hiring a Professional:

  1. Warranty – deck professionals like Darren build to the manufacturer’s specifications, which helps ensure the decking’s warranty remains intact.
  2. Lower risk – deck contractors install decking every day, and know the ins and outs of different materials. Homeowners get peace of mind that the installation is done correctly, and if any mistakes are made, the experts can quickly adjust and will often absorb the cost themselves.
  3. Save time (and effort) – professional deck builders can install a deck much quicker and with less hassle than a first time builder, often with higher quality results. Deck contractors know the nuances of construction, and can easily spot and address inefficiency, as well as ensure the deck meets local building code requirements.

Resources to Get You Started:

Leaning towards a DIY deck? Make sure you have the tools you need, as well as the manufacturer’s instructions handy. Voiding the warranty is your biggest concern, so following instructions like these will be key. Brands like ChoiceDek make it easy to install with online instructions, and its composite decking products are easy to work with like wood, but offer the durability and lifetime warranty of a composite.

Opting for hiring a decking professional? Lowe’s offers a wide-range of professional deck installers across the U.S and Canada. Locate a deck contractor here.

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