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Easy DIY Pool Decking Ideas

The summer season is coming to a close, and so is the peak of pool and deck building season. Many contractors are completely booked during the summer season, which can leave you waiting until next summer to fully enjoy your new outdoor living spaces. If you are looking to add a backyard pool and deck, you may want to consider the DIY approach.

A DIY pool deck may seem intimidating at first, but with these tips and resources, you will be relaxing on your new poolside retreat in no time.

Above ground pool, or in-ground?

When it comes to creating a poolside paradise, you have two options – an above ground pool deck, or a deck surrounding an in-ground pool. Creating a deck for an above ground pool tends to be lower cost and effort, while in-ground pool decks can provide a more streamlined look for your backyard.

Above ground pool decks

In some cases an in-ground pool isn't possible. If you are working with limited space or limited budget, an above ground pool and deck can be a feasible alternative. Some people may think an above ground pool will be an eyesore for your backyard, but it doesn't have to be. With the right deck design, an above ground pool and deck can become a beautiful feature in your backyard.

For an easy guide on building a pool deck, take a look at How to Build a Backyard Pool Deck by Popular Mechanics. Looking for some design inspiration? Check out these posts from The Pool Factory Blog on Full Pool Deck Ideas and Partial Pool Deck Ideas.

As you can see from these articles, an above ground pool deck can be as simple or as intricate as you want. Check with your local home improvement store for detailed plans and blueprints, or if you want to go the complete DIY route for your pool deck, you can even design your own using Lowe's Virtual Deck designer.

In-ground pool decks

If you have the space, an in-ground pool with a surrounding deck can be a beautiful addition to your yard. Just like decks for above ground pools, in-ground pool decks need to be moisture-resistant and slip-resistant. Often these pool surrounds are made of stone or tile, but composite decking also works well if you prefer the look of a decked surface. Whichever surfacing option you choose, take a look at these 60 Ultra-Luxurious Pools and Decks from the DIY Network to help inspire your DIY pool deck.

Choose the right material

No matter what kind of pool deck you decide to build, it's important to choose the right decking material. Pool decks made from wood are relatively inexpensive to install and provide a stylish look. However, they will require extra maintenance due to the close proximity to water. On the other hand, some composites like ChoiceDek are designed to withstand water and the elements, and only require occasional cleaning.

If you are looking for a decking product that has the beauty of wood, but with much less maintenance, then a composite pool deck could be the right choice for you.




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